Video: Bank Employee Shot in the Head by Security Guard (Viewers Discretion)

bank-employee-shot-head-security-guard-malaysia-500x666It’s got to suck when you hire a security guard to protect the employees of your bank from armed robbers, only to see him become friends with other employees, build trust and then when they least expected it, shoot one of them in the head to become an armed robber himself.

This is what happened in a branch of Ambank in Subang Jaya, Malaysia. A security guard shot a female employee in the head, took undisclosed amount of money from a safe she’d temporarily opened and without a guard to stand in his path, disappeared.

37 year old Noazita Abu Talib, mother of two who’d worked for Ambank for 16 years died on the spot. WTF? Heartless bastard had no reason to shoot the defenceless woman in the face.

Here’s the video. Latest news has it that in the meantime, the killer has been arrested at an airport:

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