Halle Berry NOT Cut From X-Men: Days of Future Past, Despite Wrong Report

476343443-199x300Halle Berry has NOT been cut from X-Men: Days of Future Past, despite an inaccurate report from the New York Daily News.

The paper claims that Berry, who plays Storm in the franchise, was “cut out of every scene but one in post-production.”

According to the tabloid, “While filming, her role was reduced due to her pregnancy, but it turned out to be more of a cut than was expected.”

A purported “source” for the Daily News alleges, “She only has one line in the whole movie,” adding, “They’re not telling her until the movie comes out.”

But the report is completely false.

Asked on Twitter whether Berry’s scenes were really cut to just one line, X-Men director Bryan Singer replied with a flat-out “No.”

Last year, Singer tweeted that he “couldn’t be more excited” that Berry had agreed to reprise her role as Storm in the sequel.


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