Four Adorable Dogs ‘Say Grace’ Before Every Meal And Then Clean Up After Themselves [Photos+Video]

article-2604634-1D1E27DB00000578-551_634x426Some very well-mannered dogs in China are set to become the new viral video of the week, if initial feedback is anything to go on.
The clip shows four dogs simultaneously bowing their heads in preparation for dinner, as demanded by their handler.
The woman, who can only slightly be seen on camera, ensures there is an ‘Amen equivalent’ before setting down the bowls of food in front of the responsive canine.

The video has amassed 50,000 views in a matter days, having been uploaded to YouTube on April 2.
But not only do these pups say grace – they do dishes, too.
Sort of.
Once each of the dogs are finished their meal, they each pick up the empty bowl with their mouth and deliver it to the handler.
It’s the cutest thing you’ll see today.

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