One dead, six others injured in two accidents on Elmina Highway

At least one person has died and six others injured in two accidents on the Cape Coast-Elmina highway Saturday night.

A man in his 40’s died instantly after his Mercedes Benz collided headlong with a truck carrying coconuts.

The other accident happened about 30 meters away on the same highway after another truck carrying timber crashed into a taxi.

The two accidents closed the highway to traffic leaving passengers stranded for several hours.

Elmina-Highway-accident-1Joy News’ Richard Kwadwo Nyarko reports that the deceased had paid his family a visit in Mankessim and was driving to meet his friends for a scheduled night out.

His family had protested against his decision to return to Takoradi as it was after 10pm.

He met his untimely death at Elmina after he moved into the lane of a coconut-carrying truck coming in the opposite direction.

According to eyewitness, the driver of the truck carrying coconut signaled to the driver of the Mercedes Benz who was overtaking to move into the lane of the on-rushing truck.

Despite signals to get off his lane, the deceased ignored all warnings. The truck rammed into the Mercedes, leaving it badly mangled.

Richard Kwadwo Nyarko said while retrieving the dead man from his car, his phone kept ringing as friends who were expecting to meet up with him wanted to know where he was.

While the Police and the Fire Service were working to get the body out of the mangled car, the driver of a truck carrying timber logs failed to apply the brakes on time and crashed into a taxi which also crashed into another taxi.

The truck overturned and landed on one of the taxis with two passengers and driver in it.

Two passengers who suffered minor injuries were helped out without much difficulty, but it took some time to get the badly injured driver out.

The passengers in the other taxi also suffered minor injuries.

The injured were rushed to the Cape Coast Teaching Hospital where the body of deceased has also been deposited.


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