We’re being maltreated – MPs’ drivers

6Some drivers of lawmakers are accusing their bosses and parliament of neglect and maltreatment.

They claim their conditions of service are appalling despite risking their lives to convey Members of Parliament and their families to and fro their constituencies and parliament.

Lawmakers usually engage their drivers themselves without recourse to the institution of parliament.

But the drivers are angry at parliament for failing to provide a waiting area for them after the House cleared drivers from the inner perimeter of the House.

The Drivers in a press release stated that anytime it rains their lives become miserable since they have no proper shelter to protect themselves and have to stand under trees to protect themselves from the rain.

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The drivers also stated that they are not allowed to access the private offices of the MPs at the Job 600 building because the “Marshall of Parliament has given directives that we shouldn’t be allowed to enter since we have not been given access cards to the building.”

According to the drivers, several appeals to the leadership of parliament to increase their allowances have failed.

“We are humbly appealing to the Speaker of Parliament to ensure our allowances should be in a contract form that last for four years and must be paid through the bank.

“Also, we request that any honourable member who is against our appeal and doesn’t have a driver but is taking drivers allowances should be cancelled”.

Source: Ghana/Starrfmonline.com

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