Governor of BoG must voluntarily step down in a change of government

4As the debate on the security of tenure of office of the governor of Bank of Ghana (BoG) continues, some industry watchers are contemplating over the implications of Dr. Abdul-Nashiru Issahaku’s appointment ahead of a general election in November this year.

According to the constitution, the four year term of a governor of the central bank is protected and cannot be dismissed even by the president unless on stated grounds.

Article 183 (4) (d) of the 1992 constitution states that “he shall not be removed from office excerpt on the same grounds and in the same manner as a Justice of the Superior Court of Judicature other than the Chief Justice, may be removed”.

Political parties views

But speaking to Citi Business News, a former minister of state for Finance Dr. Anthony Akoto Osei maintained that even though the governor’s term is secured under the constitution, it would be prudent for him to step down voluntarily if he feels strongly attached to the former government if there is a change of power.

“If I were in that position and I feel strongly about my political lining, I will voluntarily step down” he said adding that “you have to be able to work as a team”.

He emphasized that the relationship between a governor and a government must be cordial to allow both parties to work as a team.

Meanwhile, The Chairman of the Finance Committee in Parliament, Dr. James Klutse Avedzi insisted that the provisions in the constitution must be respected to allow governors end their tenure in office.

“Once the tenure of office of the governor who is on a four year term does not move in tandem with the tenure of office of a sitting president, definitely there is going to be an overlap”, he said.

He vehemently opposed the suggestion that the president could have wait until the elections were over before appointing a new governor if he was reelected.

“The constitution does not say that when it is one month or two months to the end of a president’s term, he cannot appoint a new governor”, he said.

The opinion of a former Deputy Governor

On his part, a former deputy governor of the BoG Mr. Asiedu Mantey told Citi Business News that any government that feels uncomfortable with a governor appointed by a previous government must negotiate with the person on how the issues can be resolved.

He was of the view that a level ground could be reached between the parties to prevent any apprehension that may arise out of their differences.

“ Assuming there is a change of government and the incoming president or cabinet decide that they cant work with him, then they have to find a way out of it…through negotiations”, he said.

Lawyer Sam Okudzeto’s view

Touching on the issue, a Former President of the Ghana Bar Association, Mr. Sam Okudzeto kicked against any move to negotiate an exit of a BoG governor because of his politic lining.

“The law is aware of this, the day of appointment of a governor is not the same as the day of appointment of the government so we must allow the law “, he stressed.

According to him, no governor should be forced out of office whether through negotiations or unconstitutional means.


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