Meet 3-Year-Old Who Knows All ‘Wee’ Joints In Asylum Down [VIDEO]

medical-marijuana-dispensary-hawaii-law-sb321-cannabis-medicine-mauitime-jen-russoHe is three years old but perhaps more experienced not only more than his colleagues but teenagers in the city as well.

Kweku, as he is referred to in this report by TV3 knows of all the joints in Asylum Down in Accra where illicit substance, marijuana known in local parlance as ‘wee’ is sold.

He frequents these point of sales not to smoke but to purchase the banned substance for his dad who is said to be an addict of the illicit drug.

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At a time when his age-mates were in the classroom, he was spotted going to buy the herb and matches for his father who was waiting comfortably for him with his girlfriend, baby.

“My father sent me to buy the matches…he is going to light it to smoke wee…,” he told the TV3 reporter.

He is not the only victim of abuse as his two-year old brother, Kojo is always eases on himself due to the lack of toilet facility.

Watch the report below for more shocking revelations:

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