Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Divorce On The Horizon?


According to RadarOnline, the couple supposedly “looked miserable” upon arriving in New York City for Sunday’s Met Gala. The webloid claims Kardashian is trying to fix their allegedly “arranged marriage,” but their relationship is falling apart. The site further purports that a “divorce filing could be soon on the horizon” for the couple.

But despite these reports, Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to the couple, who exclusively assures us the webloid’s claim is “not true.” There are no problems in the couple’s marriage, and this is simply a non-story.

But of course, We have exhaustively called out the webloid for trying to create a nonexistent rift between the happily married couple. Gossip Cop recently debunked the site’s absurd rumor that when Kardashian kissed West prior to him boarding a flight, the sweet gesture was actually to “keep up appearances.” And before that, we shot down the webloid for falsely reporting that Kardashian had “met with attorneys to draw up papers” for a divorce. There’s simply no truth to any of these split rumors.


Source: Gossipcop

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