Falling wall crushes woman to death

Dead-1A forty four year old woman at Tantra Hill, in Accra over the weekend met her untimely death when a falling wall crushed her to death instantly.

The deceased was said to be harvesting rain water when the sad event occurred.

The mother of seven was reportedly fetching water for her house chores during Saturday night’s heavy rain which was attended by strong winds.

Okyeame Yaw, who was at the scene of the incident in an interview with Kasapa News disclosed that the deceased while harvesting the rain was advised by her husband to get in doors as it was late and also dangerous for her to be outside while the strong winds blew.

She is said to have begged her husband to allow her some few minutes to complete her work and as she went in for the last bucket of water, a wall near the deceased house which was very weak as a result of erosion collapsed, crushing her close to death instantly.

Okyeame Yaw added that the woman’s husband and other neighbours upon hearing the loud noise of the broken wall, rushed to the scene of the incident only to find the woman lying supine dead.

Her body was later conveyed to the morgue.

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