BNI to pick up Montie FM managers

BNIThe Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) is likely to pick up some management members of Accra-based radio station Montie FM over some comments made by two journalists on that radio station.

The two journalists who were interrogated by the BNI on Sunday, threatened to assassinate some justices of the Supreme Court in a radio discussion.

Alistair Nelson, along with another panelist, Godwin Ako Gunn, allegedly threatened to “finish” the Supreme Court and High Court judges if they made any judgment against the Electoral Commission in the ongoing court case challenging the validity or otherwise of the voters’ register.

One of the panelists on the programme is reported to have said: “I know where the judges live in Accra, I can show you. I know their quarters, the Supreme Court judges. I also know the High Court judges. Yes, I’m telling you, God has a way to show…If they like, they should bring it on.

“It will start in their residences, I’m telling you, in their neighborhood. When we finish them, then it will be over. Then we will come and rule our nation because they don’t wish the nation well.”

Their comments have been widely condemned by majority of Ghanaians including the Ghana Bar Association and other Civil Society Organizations.

BNI sources have revealed the two were picked up because their comments were deemed dangerous and likely to spark violence.

BNI sources have also told Starr FM that some management members will be picked up for allowing their airwaves to be used to threaten judges of the apex court of the land.

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