Photos: Pastor resurrects dead man

Rev. Fr. Chiedozie Modestus Chilaka1
A certain Rev. Fr. Chiedozie Modestus Chilaka, has allegedly prayed for a dead man who was about to be buried and he woke up.
”Rev. Fr. Chiedozie Modestus Chilaka, prays for a dead man that was about to be buried and the God
of resurrection brought the man back to life. Just as God brought back Lazarus to life. God said ” I will make haste to perform the words of my Prophet ”

This Miracle took place at Iheala.

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See photos below:

Rev. Fr. Chiedozie Modestus Chilaka3Rev. Fr. Chiedozie Modestus Chilaka4Rev. Fr. Chiedozie Modestus Chilaka5Rev. Fr. Chiedozie Modestus Chilaka6
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