OJ Blaq gets kidney donor

2Musician AJ Dahottest has offered to donate a kidney to OJ Blaq who is reportedly battling double kidney failure, according to vibesin5.

AJ reveals that he is a long-time friend to OJ Blaq (born Andy Nii Akrashie) and couldn’t sit back and watch when he could be helpful in the situation.

“I have discussed with my management and we have agreed with my decision to help a brother but they advise me to seek the concern from my family and our Doctor if am in a good condition to donate one of my kidneys” he said.

AJ also submits that he’s awaiting the green light from his mum who is out of town, and then he would officially approach OJ’s family with the offer.

“My mum is out of the city as it stands now so we are just waiting patiently for her to touch base and together with the family Doctor we will finalize the my request before we proceed to see the family of OJ Blaq”.

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OJ Blaq gained national prominence for his single Chale Wote (2009), while he was still engaged with Richie Mensah’s Lynx Entertainment. He has also had stints with acting, starring in popular Television series Sun City.

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