Hospital security footage allegedly captures soul leaving a body

rises-606644The eerie scene, captured by a security camera in China, records the moment a soul allegedly leaving the bodyIn the creepy video, the recently deceased body of a woman lies on a stretcher in a hospital ward in China.After several seconds, the paranormal episode unfolds.

The soul emerges out of the body in the middle of the night

The body lies covered with a sheet in the dark room which is completely still.Suddenly, a strange and creepy silhouette emerges out of the body.The pale glowing spectre appears rising from the body in the middle of the dark room before quickly vanishing.
The ‘soul’ rises out of the body and into the air

This creepy security camera footage was immediately uploaded to YouTube.Viewers have questioned the veracity of the video, claiming it’s just computer editing, while others are convinced.The paranormal video has gone viral, racing to more than three million views so far.-

Source: Daily Express


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