Montie 3 case: NDC pays court fines for Mugabe, others

montieThe ruling National Democratic Congress has reportedly paid the court fines for the imprisoned Montie FM host Salifu Maase, aka Mugabe, and his two panelists who have been jailed for contempt by the Supreme Court.

The three were ordered by the court to pay GHC10,000 each in addition to their four months caging.

Host of Montie FM’s political talk show ‘Pampaso’ and the two panelists, Alistair Nelson, and Godwin Ako Gunn both of the National Democratic Congress were jailed four months by the Supreme Court on Wednesday for contempt.

Directors and owners of the station were also found guilty of contempt and have been fined GHc30, 000, to be paid to the court by close of Thursday or face a jail term of one month. Starr News understands that the directors of the company have also paid their fine.

Meanwhile, pressure is mounting on President John Mahama to exercise his prerogative powers of pardon and free the convicts.

A candle light vigil under the auspices of the Free Montie 3 Movement was held Thursday evening at the premises of Radio Gold. The vigil was attended by some government functionaries and members of the NDC.

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